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Our Commitment

HypeLytics, LLC is committed to making its website usable by all people, including those with disabilities, by meeting or exceeding the requirements of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.  We strive to make our site an equal experience for everyone.


It is important to note that efforts to remediate the website are ongoing as we work to implement the relevant improvements to meet WCAG guidelines over time.

Third-Party Applications

While you are visiting our site, you may notice that we make use of third-party sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit to provide information about HypeLytics, LLC.  Though individuals may have challenges with access to these particular sites, we do not control or remedy the way content is portrayed on these third-party sites.

Contacting us

If you would like to request accessibility-related assistance, report any accessibility problems, or request any information in accessible alternative formats including our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions of Use, please email us at or visit our Contact Us page.  We would be happy to assist in making your visits to our website as convenient as possible.

Last Updated: 3/3/21

Accessibility Statement for HypeLytics, LLC

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