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Discover new opportunities

Social Volume

Watch the total conversation unfold, in real-time. Millions of people are discussing and reviewing their favorite stocks, now you can see their interests.

Social Score

See the emotional weight of the social conversation. Are people excited or pessimistic about upcoming earnings? Keep an eye on the direction of the conversation.

Hype Score & Charts

Reclaim countless hours using our Hype Score. Complex indicators are converted into a simple scorecard comparing social interest, financials, transactions, insider & institutional trading, and more. 

Financials > Translated

Say goodbye to dozens of acronyms and confusing terminology. Information is translated into context anyone can understand, with definitions provided incase you yearn for more.

Analytics that don't require a PhD

Welcome to Monitor, the ultimate Social Momentum dashboard. Watch for upcoming and trending stocks, keep an eye on changes in sentiment across an entire industry and more.

Quickly choose what you're interested in and get more details to help you make an independent investment decision.

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