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Community Designer

Community member /u/whalmank 

designed our logo for us.

His work blew us away and we highly recommend others reach out for his services!

Our VIPs

Community members and early backers

/u/markdjm, /u/Exfig, /u/CaptainKilljoy

How we work for you

Have a request? Post it in our subreddit or discord.

If we and the community like the idea, we build it!

Example: A community member asked for a bot, so we built one.

Community Polls

When we're unable to come to a decision, we let the community decide!

You'll find feature polls or simply ideas spread across both our Subreddit and Discord, waiting for your feedback.

Our community

defines us

Have a feature request? We validate the request with the community.

When consensus is formed, we build it.

It's that simple.

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