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UPDATE 3: Demand on the spreadsheet is massive, so I've published a static version as well (see below)


TLDR check this out:


Static version:

Dynamic Spreadsheet (UNDER HEAVY USER LOAD)

Data Visualization of this content (slightly out of sync, but working to fix that:!/vizhome/StockSniffer-Dashboard/SnifferDash


Backstory: I started actively trading a few weeks ago and quickly became overwhelmed with how much I needed to learn and the sheer amount of tickers available to me for trading.

When I took a step back I said to myself "I work a full time job, and have a newborn, there has to be a better way.."

I then went searching for systems that would help me narrow down my selection process for investments (but still gave me enough data to do my own DD) and quickly realized nothing really exists..

There's tools and screeners out there, but none of them had the data I needed in one place to help me go... faster!


What I built:

Over the last two weeks I've built a spreadsheet that aggregates data from multiple sources but is INITIALLY populated based on social media's interest in a particular ticker. Once I get the base tickers, I then go out and collect data from multiple websites to build a quick view of content.

This was initially awesome, but then I realized there was still to much data...


So I built a scoring system to help me sniff through the shit piles or content and bubble to the top some initial set of tickers I should really spend my time on.

Now I want to share it with you:

I present: StockSniffer (queue my wife cackle and face-palming but whatever)

Stock Sniffer collects data from half a dozen websites and social media systems and then aggregates it in a way that lets YOU see key pieces of content from one place.

Once I had all the data, my inner nerd wanted to visualize it. So I hooked it up to Tableau and made some charts on the info!!/vizhome/StockSniffer-Dashboard/SnifferDash



Given that the system does not actively make a trade for you, nor do we suggest you blindly follow it.. results may vary. Please do your own DD and make your own financial decisions.

However, I put ~$2000 towards tickers chosen from the spreadsheet and so far I've netted a healthy and quick profit over the last few days.


What's next?

I'm taking what I learned from StockSniffer and I'm building "StockSniffer DD", an automated DD generator that scrapes EVEN MORE data for particular tickers I'm interested in.


I'd love to hear your feedback! (good or bad)


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